Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kool-Aid. Oh Yeaah.

So I recently discovered an article on Knitty

about Kool-Aid dying yarn and could not wait to get started...although perhaps I should have waited, since I have important Christmas knitting that is still unfinished. But this was lots of fun!

My cousin has been requesting some wool longies for her new baby and I will happily oblige. However, being a student (and currently unemployed) I wanted to be able to make the longies without spending too much money. Luckily, my mom had some old wool yarn laying around that she was not planning to use. The only problem was the colors were very boring. Especially for a baby. So, the Kool-Aid dying begins.

Things I learned while Kool-Aid dying yarn:

  • Make sure the yarn is completely saturated prior to submerging it in the Kool-Aid water. This will help to prevent uneven dying. DO NOT do what I did in the picture above if you're looking for a solid colored yarn. It will result in yarn that looks like the pink splotchy yarn in the picture below.

  • Lemonade Kool-Aid will not turn blue yarn green. At least not two packages. It won't even become a different shade of blue.
  • Cherry Kool-Aid will turn blue yarn purple. Yay!

  • My camera sucks. So I know thats not exactly Kool-Aid or yarn related...but look at these pictures. : (

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