Monday, September 7, 2009

The leftover pizza experiment.

I love a good deal...and pizza. So when I am offered a second pizza with my delivery order for 25 cents, I can't turn it down. Unfortunately, I can't eat it all either. So the question becomes, what do I do with all this pizza? So I decided that freezing it must be the answer. But after reading some websites on the topic, I found that there is much dispute about the best way to do this. So I have decided to give several of the suggestions a try in an attempt to answer the question... what (if any) is the best way to freeze leftover pizza?

The actual freezing part seems to be agreed upon for the most part...wrap in plastic wrap, put in freezer bag, put in freezer. So that is today's task. Results to come in a week or so. Try to contain your excitement. Haha.

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